Andrey Dugin

Telecommunications Engineer / Team Leader

Location:Russia, Moscow (GMT+4)
Contacts: Phone: +7 (916) 900-04-61
LinkedIn: /in/andreydugin
Skype: andrey.dugin


I am looking for interesting and responsible position with opportunity to apply and develop my skills. Flexible schedule and possibility of remote work is a big plus. Moving to another country/city is not desired but can be discussed. Business partnership can be considered.


September 2000 – June 2007
Bauman Moscow State Technical University, dept. of Radio Electronic Systems and Devices,
Master of engineering and technology in radio technics.

Work experience:

September 2009 – July 2013
Tekelec (as contractor / private entrepreneur)
PIC Professional Services Dept. – Professional Services Engineer (PSE)

  • Preparation of engineering documentation; network, storage and capacity planning;
  • Hardware: both rack-mount servers (HP DL360/DL380/ML380 G4/G5/G6 servers; Tekelec T1100/T1200 servers; MSA30, MSA2000/MSA2012, P2000/D2700 storage arrays) and HP c-Class (BL460c servers, c7000 enslosures) systems; Cisco 4948 and 3020.
  • Tekelec expert engineer in HP c-Class blades system;
  • Integration, configuration, upgrade, testing and commissioning of Tekelec PIC (Performance Intelligence Center) monitoring equipment (PIC 4.x – PIC 9.x);
  • Configuration of PIC system and protocols monitoring setup (SS7/Sigtran, GPRS, UMTS) according to Customer requirements and network structure;
  • Performance audit, load balancing and optimization;
  • Acceptance tests with Customer, sign-off of the project, handover to TAC;
  • On-site support, maintenance and network troubleshooting;
  • Troubleshooting, management and resolution of Customer Service Requests (CSR);
  • Writing of specialized tools and scripts.
With Tekelec I got excellent expertise interacting with customers all over the world (remote and/or on-site work): MTS Russia (10 sites, from Saint-Petersburg and Moscow to Vladivostok), Megafon (Saint-Petersburg), KPN (Netherlands), TNS (USA), Surewest (USA), Paetec (USA), Avea (Turkey), iBasis (Netherlands), Verizon Wireless (USA), Comcel (Colombia), Movilnet (Venezuela), TEM (Peru), TIM (Brazil), Claro (Guatemala) etc. I significantly improved system performance, optimized configuration and built clear and detailed documentation, which led to Customer satisfaction and improvement of relationship with Tekelec. Some of the analysis methods developed by me became standard in Tekelec. I always look for the ways to optimize workflow to guarantee rapid and error-free implementation and sometimes prepare small master classes for global team. I prefer to take care of problematic sites (like it was with MTS Moscow with about 70 opened CSRs to the moment I started with) as it is more interesting to me to get well running system at the end. Movilnet Venezuela is good example: Customer became completely happy of what he has got. In addition, I am able to perform efficient HW troubleshooting while onsite and even do HW installation and cabling works (if necessary). Visiting different countries is also very inspiring. In Venezuela, I got first experience interacting non-English speaking society, which became even more complex in Colombia where Customer did not know a word in English. Nevertheless, both projects were implemented successfully and in time. I started learning Spanish since then.

April 2006 – November 2008
Alcatel-Lucent (via CJSC “INSOL Telecom” / “Radiostroymontazh” Ltd.)
Network Integration Dept. – testing and integration of the switching equipment, engineer

  • Integration, configuration, upgrade, testing and commissioning of Alcatel-Lucent equipment (NGN softswitch A5020 SAS, SORM A1357LI, USBS DS-10 and cc3310, HLR A83XX), Cisco 2600/3600;
  • Working with all parties involved (including the Federal Security Service), project adjustment, signing of working documents and final protocols;
  • Writing of specialized tools and scripts.
During this period I have successfully completed over 60 sites in 27 cities of Russia (SMARTS, VimpelCom and MTS operators), including integration and commissioning of NGN softswitches and SORM in Ingushetia and Chechnya (for which I have got special thanks from VimpelCom). Newly developed efficient programs and scripts significantly reduced equipment implementation time and decreased the number of human factor caused mistakes. I also implemented the automatic processing of financial reporting in the department; repeatedly advised colleagues on a non-trivial matters of the equipment (even after my retirement from the company), trained local personnel at the sites of operators; have got thanks from the boss and Alcatel-Lucent company for rapid actions in the cases of emergency situations on the equipment.

September 2003 – June 2007
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Dept. of Radio Electronic Systems and Devices – engineer, programmer
  • Research and development of phased arrays, planar/microstrip and mirror antennas, mobile and satellite communications antennas;
  • Development and adaptation of algorithms and programming;
  • Participation in scientific conferences and lecturing at BMSTU.
During the period of scientific activity at the department, I have developed an emergency buoy antenna for submarines (the “Gonets” system) and antenna system for next generation television relay satellite. I am the creator of unique high-performance software package “Mirror Mirror” for automated calculation of mirror and double mirror antennas, which surpasses existing commercial counterparts.

November 2003 – October 2004
Moscow Scientific and Research Television Institute – engineer

  • RS-232 protocol – hardware and software development;
  • Testing of functional blocks, working with test bench;
  • Cross-platform transfer, adaptation and further development of existing and new software.



  • Russian – native;
  • English – fluent; strong technical reading, writing and speaking skills;
  • Spanish – beginner.

Computer and technical knowledge:

  • Knowledge of GSM, SS7, GPRS, UMTS protocols and troubleshooting skills;
  • K1297 protocol analyzer, WireShark, tcpdump/tethereal traffic capture and analysis; PuTTY, SecureCRT, WinSCP, Filezilla and other IT software usage;
  • PC expert; Windows administration; MS Word/Excel/Visio/Powerpoint (ability to write OLE and VBA scripts) and other software; Linux basics; Virtual Machines;
  • Management tools: Outlook, Webex, Project and OpenProj, BaseCamp, LeaderTask;
  • Mathematical and radio electronic computations: Maple, MathCAD, MATLAB (basics), MicroCAP (basics), MMANA, CST Microwave Studio (+VBA scripting);
  • TCP/IP, use and development of HTTP/FTP/NNTP/SMTP/POP3 based software; CGI scripting, HTTP (Apache) & FTP (Serv-U) servers administration and maintenance, maintenance of my own servers & websites; Windows services development;
  • Programming languages: Pascal/Delphi, Python, OpenGL, VBA; HTML/JavaScript/CSS; skills in performance optimization, efficient algorithms development (including artificial intelligence).

Trainings and certificates:

  • “Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies (INTRO) v2.1” (Certificate of completion);
  • “Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND) v2.3” (Certificate of completion);
  • “The principles of construction, routing and maintenance of A5020 Spatial Atrium Softswitch (Rel. 3.X)” (Alcatel-Lucent Certificate);
  • “A1357-LI SORM” (Alcatel-Lucent Certificate);
  • “NGN: Model A to Model C extension” (Alcatel-Lucent training);
  • “HLR A86XX” (Alcatel-Lucent training);
  • “USBS replacement: DS-10 to cc3310” (Alcatel-Lucent training);
  • “Next Generation Network (NGN), 3G, LTE/ePC (4G) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)”;
  • Tekelec PIC system v4.x/6.x/7.x/9.x training courses;
  • “Professional Coach” Certificate (Erickson College, Vancouver);
  • “First Aid” (International Red Cross Certificate);
  • Numerous training courses at INTUIT.RU (online education) on a regular basis.

Additional information:

Personal qualities:

  • Strong logic, common sense and analytical skills;
  • Responsibility. I really take care and worry about my projects quality;
  • Ability to guide project and coordinate team work even without project manager;
  • Ability to work remotely (I spent 4 years in Tekelec working from home);
  • Good communication skills (some customers are my friends now) although I’m not chatty;
  • Rapid adaptation and acquisition of new skills;
  • Mobility and ability to travel and work in foreign environment;
  • Intention to optimize and automate routine tasks as well as document flow;
  • I prefer working “in a flow” when I am most concentrated, involved and efficient. As a consequence and taking into account moderate grade of perfectionism, this approach also leads to great results and satisfaction.

Professional interests:
Telecommunication networks, information security, time and project management, programming (Python), cloud computing (Google Apps Engine), data mining and statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, English and Spanish. Looking forward for CCNA and TOEFL exams.

Personal projects:
Professional photographer; blogger (more than 2600 readers in LiveJournal); traveller & hitchhiker. I have several startups with my partners (cafe and real estate in Lithuania; Private Security Company; leather accessories; internet services and online store development).